The Donald Malloure Department Chair Naming Celebration

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Student Awards Ceremony and Alumni Reception

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Prof Raskin part of effort to build sustainable, livable cities

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High school students learn about CEE careers

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Research Highlights

Dead Zone Boat

A lake covered in green, thick algae is not only unpleasant to look at, it can also mean that natural toxins are negatively impacting other organisms in the lake.

To better understand the...

Pile Driver Sensors

When piles are driven into soil to provide foundational support for structures, vibrations are caused that can create cracks in deep foundations for nearby structures, like bridges.


Mercury in the Air

Many people have heard about the dangers of eating fish contaminated with mercury, but not everyone realizes that one of the ways mercury gets in the atmosphere is through coal-fired power plants...

Urine as fertilizer

Assistant Professor Krista Wigginton’s research on urine recycling is the topic of a new video from Michigan Engineering.

The "flush and forget" toilet system, which has...



Starting in January of 2016, Associate Professor Ann Jeffers will be Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fire Safety Journal.

Fire Safety Journal is the...


Non-perishable food items are being collected in the main administration office, GGB room 2340, through the morning of December 16.



This December, U-M is once again turning Giving Tuesday—the national movement to kick off the giving season—into Giving Blueday. You...


Toledo’s Channel 11 (WTOL) recently spoke with Professor Jerry Lynch in a segment on bridge safety.

“The future of bridge...

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